'BaliÜnalp Artists & Project Management' are proud to represent exceptional artists from around the world. 

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'BaliÜnalp Artists & Project Management' represent the specific artist projects on national and international scenes.

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About BaliÜnalp


'Bali Ünalp Artists & Project Management' has a strong belief that a responsible and long term relationship with the artists and concert organizers can be achieved, all over the world.


'BaliÜnalp Artists & Project Management' strives to improve the bounds of standard music business models with reliable, personal attention to artists and concert presenters. 'BaliÜnalp Artists & Project Management' seeks a pragmatic alignment of artistic vision and expression with commercial needs (and their inherent constraints) and to achieve success with an uncompromising dedication to enhancing the human experience.


'BaliÜnalp Artists & Project Management' represent artists in regional and local & worldwide management of their projects.